Roping Out

When a tornado reaches its end stage, it’s said to be roping out.  This is my favorite part, when the tornado looks like it’s stretching and vacumning, when it’s at its most Wizard-of-Oz-y:

LaGrange, Wyo. tornado, 6.6.09, roping out.
LaGrange, Wyo. tornado, 6.6.09, roping out.

This is the stage of THE STORMCHASERS book tour I’m at, too.  After six weeks of whirlwind back-to-back travel, readings, events, and storm tour, I’ve gently touched down at my friend Kirsten’s house in Westminster, CO.  Soon I’ll be leaving the speaking stage, heading home to Boston, then driving to the Blue House in Minnesota.  Perchance to rest a little, spend some time with family, maybe even start dreaming about the next novel.

But the thing about the rope-out stage is, the tornado is still visible.  Here are my final appearances on the ‘CHASERS hardcover tour, coming to you courtesy of TV8 in Vail, CO and 107.1 Talk Radio in Minneapolis:

THE STORMCHASERS say Good Morning, Vail! on TV8

Jenna talks to Lori & Julia at Twin Cities 107.1 about stormchasing, sibling love, snacks, and being starstruck

And, as with the atmosphere, what comes around goes around.  I’ll be posting the rest of my summer’s adventures.  I’ll be hoping you come with me in the fall, when I start the East Coast leg of my ‘CHASERS tour.  And next summer:  watch out.  THE STORMCHASERS will be out in paperback, so the whirlwind will start up once again.

For now, happy reading during these rope-out days of summer.

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