Beyond The Margins

I just Googled myself.  I admit it:  I Google myself quite a bit, often late at night.  But it’s not pure self-indulgence.  Sometimes you find gems of information–about yourself, all the more enticing–that might not have come to your notice in the traditional way.

For instance, I just found this amazing interview conducted by Dr. (and Grub Street novelist) Kathy Crowley on behalf of writers’ blog Beyond The Margins:

amazing interview

Not to worry if you don’t feel like reading about teaching, skydiving, and writer’s block (and how I wriggled out from under it it)–the photo alone is worth the look.  I guarantee it!

How did I manage to miss this great interview?  Could it have been because it was published on the day THE STORMCHASERS came out?  Could I possibly be that self-involved?  I dunno.  Hold on, I gotta go Google myself.  I’ll tell you in a minute.

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