Off The Grid and On The Record Books

So what does a writer girl do on her month off?  Well, for one thing, my hammock just got hung (and that’s not a euphemism), so that’s where I intend on spending the lion’s share of my time, happily reading galleys, here at the Blue House in rural MN.

But on the way here, we made a little detour through South Dakota, where on July 23 some nice tornadic storms were going up.  And we did see three tornadoes.  That seems beside the point, however, when you consider this:

shelfy-shelf supercell
super-supercell that produced the world's largest hailstone. photo credit: superchaser Chad Cowan,

This photo, taken by Chad Cowan as he was leaning out the Jeep’s passenger window, is of a tornadic supercell that produced the world’s largest hailstone:  over 8 inches in diameter, near Vivian, SD.

Luckily, we avoided the hail core of this storm.

And it was a lucky break to be in just the right place at the right time, where I could watch history in the making (here’s video of said history in the making). How often does a writer girl get the chance to do that?

Woodrow, however, despite being Chase Mascot, kept our heads from getting as big as the hailstone by remaining unimpressed:

Woodrow & the shelfy-shelf
Woodrow, unimpressed.

and has guided me gently back to what’s important:  the back yard of the Blue House, where in addition to a hammock and books, there are also interesting sniffs and many tennis balls.

Happy August, all.

view from my hammock
view from my hammock

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  1. What an awesome photograph and video of the super-supercell, I haver,

    never seen anything like it.Glad you are enjoying the Blue House,

    It must be terribly hot up on the 3rd floor. Enjoy your time off here

    in town.

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