Black Friday Book Picks

Even though I’m from Jersey and am therefore a competitive parker–I can spot a spot a mile away–even I’m not venturing to the mall this Black Friday.  Why should I, when I can buy Black Friday books online?  My holiday 2010 Book Picks:


Reed Timmer’s INTO THE STORM.   You could call Reed Timmer the poster boy for  stormchasing.  Reed’s an extreme meteorologist, launching his vehicle, the Dominator, into tornadoes for the sake of science.  He’s the star on Discovery Channel’s show Storm Chasers (Weds. nights).  He’s been on the Today show and Leno, helps save lives, and catches EF4s in flip-flops.  Now Reed has this book out from Dutton–my publisher.  Is there anything Reed can’t do?   Buy INTO THE STORM here

Mike Smith’s WARNINGS.   Ever wonder whether your plane’s in danger from a microburst while it’s landing?  Or how the National Weather Service scrambles to keep you safe when a tornado’s on its way?  Renowned Kansas meteorologist Mike Smith unravels these weather mysteries while showing how science keeps evolving to tame the most powerful force on earth:  severe weather.  Buy WARNINGS here


Julie Klam’s YOU HAD ME  AT WOOF:  How Dogs Taught Me The Secret To Happiness.  New York Times bestseller Julie Klam’s “dogoir”–yes, this is an official genre now–about how, when she learned to let dogs into her life, they taught her to let people in, too.  Julie’s book tour for YOU HAD ME AT WOOF is going on right now–and dogs are invited to every signing.  Buy YOU HAD ME AT WOOF here


Judy Gelman & Vicki Levy Krupp’s TABLE OF CONTENTS.  Authors from Elizabeth Berg and Anita Diamant to Ethan Canin and Garth Stein share the beloved recipes that have been passed down in their families–and appear in their books.  A subtle streak of self-interest here:  my family’s recipes are in TABLE OF CONTENTS, including the Norwegian pudding that brought my grandmother Luverne back from the dead–and that appears in THE STORMCHASERS.  Buy TABLE OF CONTENTS here


Iris Gomez’s TRY TO REMEMBER.  For years I scoffed at the overused terms “luminous” and “lyrical” when applied to novels, but Iris’s debut novel TRY TO REMEMBER redefines the words.  You’ll never forget brave Gabriella de la Paz as she struggles to help her Colombian family assimilate in 1970s Miami–even though her father’s mental illness is steadily worsening.  Buy TRY TO REMEMBER here

Daphne Kalotay’s RUSSIAN WINTER.  A gorgeous bestseller about ballet and jewels, love and betrayal in Communist Russia.  A glittering sugarplum of a read.  Buy RUSSIAN WINTER here

Michelle Hoover’s THE QUICKENING.  A stark, Cather-esque debut about neighboring farm wives in Iowa during the Great Depression, how their lives entwine to support their families–and strangle their fates.  Buy THE QUICKENING here

Randy Susan Meyers’ THE MURDERER’S DAUGHTERS.  You may have already read this super-successful debut about a pair of young Jewish sisters whose father kills their mother and how the incident shapes their lives–so buy it and give it to somebody who really loves page-turning fiction.  Buy THE MURDERER’S DAUGHTERS here

Beth Hoffman’s SAVING CEECEE HONEYCUTT.  Now in paperback, this beloved New York Times bestseller about a motherless girl who finds comfort when her aunt takes her in serves up a honeyed tale of Southern sugar and resilience.  Buy SAVING CEECEE HONEYCUTT here

Jessica Treadway’s PLEASE COME BACK TO ME.  Flannery O’Conner once said, “A story is not a bag of chickens,” meaning a short story doesn’t tie everything up neatly in the end but instead accurately reflects the travails and joys of real life.  I imagine Flannery would have nodded approval of Jessica’s short story collection, which won the Flannery O’Connor Award and opens windows into people’s lives so realistic, you’d think you were standing right outside, looking in.  Buy PLEASE COME BACK TO ME here


Okay, this is really for me, so my agent doesn’t open her can of French whup-ass on me.


Happy shopping, everyone!

xoxo Jenna.

On the BORDERS staff pick shelf with one of my favorite novelists:  THOSE WHO SAVE US keeps company with Iris Gomez's TRY TO REMEMBER
On the BORDERS staff pick shelf with one of my favorite novelists: THOSE WHO SAVE US keeps company with Iris Gomez's TRY TO REMEMBER

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