What Happens After?

Dear Readers:

This morning I got an email from a reader wanting to know what had happened to Trudy after the end of THOSE WHO SAVE US. It’s a fairly frequent question, not just about Trudy but about all the characters–and not posed just to me but, I imagine, to many writers. I was just listening to an audio essay by Stephen King on this same topic, how readers will ask him what happened to this character or that?  “As if,” Mr. King said, “I get letters from them every now and then.”

Character Valhalla?
Character Valhalla?

Like Mr. King (one of my literary idols), I don’t really know what happens to my characters once the book is over. I feel I’ve been spying on them long enough and it’s time to give them some privacy. I do have some glimmer of an idea about each, though, and if you want to know what I think happened to Trudy, or Anna, or the Obersturmfuhrer, or Karena, Kevin and Charles from THE STORMCHASERS, please feel free to write to me and ask.

Once you send a book out into the world, it belongs to its readers, so your guesses may be as valid as mine. Readers, what do you think happened to these people? And writers, do you get this question too? Do you know what happens to your characters once the book is over?

Happy reading, writing, and inspiration this new year!


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  1. Jenna,

    So great to hear you answer this question with ” . . . your guesses may be as valid as mine.” Get this question all the time, and have to say, honestly, felt a little odd that I did not know what happened to this or that character. I think I can guess, but the characters are yes, now in the reader’s world.

    Thanks for another terrific post!

    • You are the sweetest! I really believe characters are people, and we don’t know everything about what happens in other people’s lives, do we? (Much as we like to think we do! 🙂 The same holds true for characters, I believe. At some point I back off holding my big ol’ eye to the diorama of their lives and give them some privacy to live in peace.

      Happy writing to you, Ms. Deb! xoxo

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