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Do you miss the THOSE WHO SAVE US characters? Do you, like me, fall in love with books and want to see more of their people after the back cover is closed? Then this story is for you. Called “Max & Josephine,” it’s what I call a “shrapnel story”–a short story I wrote after THOSE WHO SAVE US was finished, when the novel and its characters were still working their way out from under my skin. It’s about the Good Doktor Max Stern and what his life was like in the early days of the Reich in Weimar–and what kind of peril he was in.

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I am much obliged to Boston University’s 236 Magazine for publishing this shrapnel story so readers can get more Max.

236 Magazine, Max and Josephine

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    • Thank YOU, Caroline, for giving Max a second life! I really appreciate seeing the story again in 236 at my MA alma mater.

      Happy reading,

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