Friday Reads: THE WIVES OF LOS ALAMOS, by TaraShea Nesbit

Dear Readers,

Today’s #FridayReads brings me back to the stunning debut novel! This week’s is THE WIVES OF LOS ALAMOS, by TaraShea Nesbit.

I had the privilege of participating in a round table writing discussion last week with novelists Rebecca Rotert (more about her soon!) and TaraShea, and I was enthralled by TaraShea’s description of her novel, which went something like this:

Imagine your husband tells you one day you have to pack up and move, but you’re not allowed to ask why or where. Imagine you follow him into some fairly inhospitable territory in New Mexico, then told you must go farther “up.” Imagine arriving at a camp to meet other wives like you: similarly bewildered, there by blind faith. Imagine, while your husbands go to work every day, forming bonds with those other wives, and having babies, and raising children, and making lifelong friends.

Then imagine your husband coming home one day and you find out you’ve all been there because he’s been building the atomic bomb.

I’ve been fascinated by the secret communities that grew up around the making of the atomic bomb and America’s defense systems since reading Judy Blume’s TIGER EYES as a teenager. I’m cracking the spine of THE WIVES OF LOS ALAMOS today and I can’t wait. To do the same, please click here.

Happy reading!

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