Friday Reads: STARTER HOUSE, by Sonja Condit

Dear Readers,

This week’s #FridayReads: another gripping debut novel! STARTER HOUSE, by Sonja Condit.

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I found this novel in an airport bookstore–Barbara’s Books in O’Hare, to be exact. THIS is precisely why we must continue to support our real bookstores–because it helps us discover books and authors we love! I hadn’t heard of STARTER HOUSE before finding it while browsing, but here’s how it worked:

1. The cover pulled me in. (Yes, we do judge books by their covers!) And I loved the title, which reminded me of “House Hunters” on HGTV, to which I am addicted.

2. The jacket copy pulled me in: the novel is about a pregnant woman moving into a haunted house whose spirit wants her baby. So now STARTER HOUSE sounded like “House Hunters” + ghost story, and how can you go wrong with that?

3. The writing on the first pages of STARTER HOUSE was so surefooted and funny that I was won over by the author’s voice.

4.  The fact that STARTER HOUSE was represented by wonderful literary agent Jenny Bent, whose taste is equally trustworthy, sealed the deal.

I’m happy to say STARTER HOUSE exceeded the expectations my browsing acquaintance with it set up! What’s a favorite book YOU found while bookstore-browsing?

To buy STARTER HOUSE, please click here. Happy reading!

* Please come back next Friday for another Friday Reads. *

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