#FridayReads: THE CHILDREN’S BLIZZARD by David Laskin

In solidarity with our buried friends in Buffalo this past week, for my #FridayReads I dug out this book from the middle of my TBR stack: THE CHILDREN’S BLIZZARD by David Laskin.

The Children's Blizzard by David LaskinI should have hated this book. Because I hate snow. Or, to be more specific, l hate being OUT in snow. I hate driving in snow. I very much dislike walking the dog in snow. I do not enjoy being cold, wet, having my eyelashes stuck together, or discomfort, and as long as I am observing the snow from the wrong side of the window, I do. Not. Like It.

But I loved THE CHILDREN’S BLIZZARD. True, it could have been written expressly for me on many levels: as a weather weenie, as a descendent of Great Plains pioneers, as a reader who is–I’ll admit it–exceedingly fond of natural disaster narratives. Yet you don’t have to be me to be fascinated by this book. This is the story of how our country was settled–part of it, anyway–and the incredible grit and stoicism of those pioneers. It’s the story of families. It’s the story of children and what their parents do to save them; also how those families go on after unfathomable loss. It’s a story of politics. And Mr. Laskin weaves a really good yarn, paints a lot of great word pictures, of our country’s astonishing atmosphere.

So: if you like families, history, weather, politics, children, and good stories–and if you like snow, you crazy thing–this book is for you.

To buy THE CHILDREN’S BLIZZARD, please click here.

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    • Wow! Thank you for telling me that, Amy. Since I just read the book, the image of the children hiding in the haystack is especially fresh in my mind.

      Stay warm this winter–preferably inside by a fire with great reading!

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