#FridayReads: I’d Tell You, But Then I’d Have To Kill You.

Dear Readers,

I’d love to tell you what I’m reading this week, but then I’d have to kill you. Because it’s for research for my next novel, and if I disclose it, you might figure out what I’m working on. As somebody who like to stay very much behind the curtain until the Big Reveal, I can’t have that, can I?

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Okay, I lied a little bit. If you’ve been in a book club I’ve visited recently or an event I’ve spoken at, you know I’ve taken your temperature in terms of whether you like my current idea. I do like to get a sense of how readers will respond by whether there’s an “Oooh” or “Ahhhh” factor, whether people are nodding when I disclose or whether they’re actively falling asleep.

And I do have a trusted circle of friends and confidants who cannot escape my relentless discussion of my WIP, often in an utterly incomprehensible, non-sequiturial way that only I can really get excited about (“So I decided my main character should be from Vermont, isn’t that great?!?!?!”).

Still, aside from that inner circle and the broad-strokes ideas I mention at book clubs, I don’t talk about what I’m working on. For a couple of reasons:

1. I’m superstitious. If I talk about it, it will go away.

2. Writing is about communication. I have a vision and people in my head. I want to share that with you. If I do so verbally–voila! I don’t have to write the book.

I’ve watched the bright balloons of my ideas get carried away on the currents of my verbiage, so now I no longer want to risk it–to the point at which I won’t even mention what I’m reading if it’s connected to what I’m working on. Because when I’m working on a book, almost everything I read has to be related to it somehow, helping me stay in the immersion zone.

Which is why I also won’t blurb other writers’ books while I’m working intensely–but that is another story.

Writers, what about you? When you’re writing, are you a sharer or secretive? What helps your process?

* Come back next week for another Friday Reads (I may post some fiction, I promise!) *

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