#FridayReads: SUMMER SECRETS by Jane Green

As a novelist, one could really dislike prolific & bestselling author Jane Green (17 NOVELS! SO FAR!) if she weren’t also such an utterly lovely human being. And if her books weren’t like cookies hot out of the oven: luscious, delicious, instantly grabbable, mandatorily consumable.

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Here, just in time for your summer vacation, is Jane’s latest novel: SUMMER SECRETS. I had the pleasure of reading a fresh-off-the-sheet galley, and as I do with all of Jane’s books, I a) read it instantly b) didn’t do anything else until I was done reading.

I’ll share with you (SNEAK PREVIEW!) a couple of things:

* the novel is set partly on Nantucket!;

* the novel is indeed about secrets and how they can completely warp people’s lives.

What secrets? What happens? Shhh! I can’t tell you any more. To find out, buy the book.

* Enjoy! And please come back next week for another #FridayReads! *

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