Those Who Save Us


“Jenna Blum’s accomplished first novel, Those Who Save Us, is both vast and intimate in its reach . . . Utterly believable . . . An absorbing tale of two women’s struggles with the burdens and responsibilities of remembrance.”
—The Boston Globe

“The book’s power . . . lies . . . in examining the emotional and moral gray area between heroism and collaboration . . . Those Who Save Us bursts with provocative questions about the ambiguous possibilities of culpability.”
—San Francisco Chronicle

“Blum’s research illuminates this textured tale…”

“Blum’s spare imagery is nightmarish and intimate, imbuing familiar panoramas of Nazi atrocity with stark new power. This is a poised, hair-raising debut.”
—Publishers Weekly

“Impossible to put down . . . well-researched . . . compelling.”
—Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

“The themes of love, sacrifice and family secrets are at the core of Blum’s powerful first novel . . . [a] fast-paced page-turner.”
—Jewish Book World

“Perhaps the most surprising thing about this novel is that it is the author’s first…Highly recommended.”
—Library Journal

“Family secrets of Nazi Germany are at the core of this powerful first novel…. a page-turner that raises universal questions of shame, guilt, and personal responsibility.”

“A deeply moving tale. . . Blum’s beautifully lyrical, heart-wrenching story strikes a deep chord within those who read it, opening the reader’s eyes to the grim realities faced during this horrible time by Jews and the Germans in the Resistance who tried to help them. This novel will leave no reader untouched.”
—The Tulsa World

“It seems strange to think of someone writing a pleasant novel about the Holocaust, but this is what Jenna Blum has done . . . Blum’s writing is exceptionally readable.”
—The Times (London)

“I was much impressed by Jenna Blum’s book. It is a powerful evocation of terrible events, moving and persuasive…A remarkable first novel.”
—Penelope Lively, author of Moon Tiger

“Jenna Blum’s impressive first novel casts an original light on the nightmare of the Second World War and its aftermath….Blum’s seductive, subtle style kept me hooked.”
—The Telegraph (UK)

“…the readability of a saga but the weight of something more.”
—Metro (UK)

“By choosing to explore in her first novel the role of civilians in Nazi Germany, Blum demonstrates from the outset considerable writerly courage. The resulting work is deeply impressive: a powerful reflection on the nature of guilt, a literary novel that is also a page-turner… (Those Who Save Us) performs one of the most valuable roles of a novel: to evoke understanding, empathy, and compassion.”
The Age (UK)

“A penetrating novel which touches the heart and questions the conscience.”
Independent on Sunday (UK)

Those Who Save Us is a gripping novel about one woman’s search for her true heritage.”
—In Style (London)

“Blum does a beautiful job of showing how the seeds of trauma are sown in war…She hits her topic head on, bravely and sensitively. Neither Jew nor German should flinch while rushing through her sumptuous yet scrupulous prose—and that is a real achievement.”
—Scotland on Sunday

“There are hundreds of novels dealing with the Second World War…and all of them are, by virtue of the subject alone, poignant. This book is staggering….so heart-wrenchingly powerful.”
Dispatch, South Africa

“This may be a first novel, but Jenna Blum certainly knows how to hook a reader . . . Those Who Save Us. . . [is] sensitive and artful. In the end, this historically specific novel tells a universal story of guilt, forgiveness and love.”

“Remarkable . . . Emotionally heartrending.”

—Woman’s Day

—Lifetime Magazine

“Blum’s knife-edge prose lends this debut novel a glinting poignancy that compels and haunts….harrowingly beautiful.”
—Cricket in the Corner