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#WriterWednesday: To MFA Or Not To MFA, That Is The Question

“Can a serious, ambitious writer get by without an MFA?,” a fellow writer asked me this morning. My answer, as the proud recipient of an MA in Creative Writing from Boston University, may surprise you.

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HI! Your To MFA Or Not To MFA is a great question and I can’t answer it for you; it’s a decision you have to make for yourself. What I can do is give you my experience, tell you why I did it and what the pros were for me.

#WriterWednesday: How To Start A Novel

“Dear J: I’m trying to start a novel because I feel the time is right, but I have no idea how to do it. Can you please give me some advice? Thank you! ~Madame S.”

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Dearest Madame S:

Oh my goodness, I wish I knew. I am still trying to jumpstart two novels I have jostling in my head and they are elbowing each other trying to fit through the same small doorway (my brain), with a logjam result. If I had a magic novel-starting button I would certainly share it with you!

How Long Should It Take To Write A Novel?

How long should it take to write a novel?

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Dear Jenna: After another listen to “The Author at Work“, I have a question for you. You said you spent three years on Those Who Save Us. Could you break that down for me (i.e. how much time on 1st draft, revision, pollinating, etc)? I have been worrying that I am taking forever w/ my novel (15 mos in so far), but perhaps I am not doing so badly after all. ~ Mr. M

So You’ve Been Told, “You Should Write A Book!” What Now?

Dear Readers,

Have you ever been told, “You should write a book!”? Thought about accepting this challenge?

This morning I received an inquiry from a gentleman who has–& is finding it not so easy. He wrote:

I’ve been told by a number of people that I should write a book about my life experiences. I can write but have found there’s a huge difference in being able to write and being a writer! (Jenna’s comment: True, dat.) I have so many life experiences that I have a hard time putting them together so they “flow”. I know others who’ve had authors tell their story. I’ve written a synopsis but am overwhelmed with more. I need help! Thank you for any guidance you may have 🙂