THIS JUST IN: IT’S OFFICIAL! Jenna’s 3rd novel, THE LOST FAMILY, will be published by Harper Collins on JUNE 5, 2018. Mark your calendars…or pre-order here!


We can’t wait, and we hope you love the novel!


FALL 2017: DUTCH READERS get an early read of Jenna’s 3rd novel THE LOST FAMILY–in Dutch, DE VERLOREN FAMILIE. DVF will be available in Holland NOVEMBER 7, 2017! To join Jenna as she travels to Belgium and the Netherlands Nov. 10 – 16 to introduce the novel, please follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. xxx!

De Verloren Familie, the Dutch edition of Jenna’s 3rd novel, The Lost Family–out in Holland NOV. 7, 2017!


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February 2015: THOSE WHO SAVE US German edition, DIE UNS LIEBEN, arrives in German bookstores–and in the hands of its happy author. Dankeschoen to publisher Aufbau Verlag and German readers! DIE UNS LEBEN mit KUSSEN

December 2014: 10 years after its publication in the U.S., THOSE WHO SAVE US will be published in Germany as DIE UNS LIEBEN by venerable publisher Aufbau Verlag! German friends, please look for DIE UNS LIEBEN 11 February, 2015.

Aufbau Verlag catalogue promotion for DIE UNS LEBEN, German edition of THOSE WHO SAVE US available 11 Feb 2015!

October 10, 2014: Bestselling fiction queen Jodi Picoult names THOSE WHO SAVE US one of her favorite mother-daughter novels in the October ’14 Goodreads newsletter! See Jodi’s review here. Thank you, Jodi!

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October 2, 2014 NEWSFLASH! For today only, THOSE WHO SAVE US is Amazon’s Daily Deal–$1.99 on Kindle. Enjoy & please spread the word! Dankeschoen!



August 2014: Jenna will be doing her first-ever LIVE video chat 8/28, 6 PM ET–with YOU! This discussion via Wizeo benefits the Boston Book Festival, so you can ask anything you ever wanted to know about writing–or Jenna–and do a good deed, too. To sign up & participate, please click here.


July 1, 2014: HAPPY BOOKBIRTHDAY TO GRAND CENTRAL! Today, the official publication day of GRAND CENTRAL, the anthology is now available in stores, online, and wherever books are sold.

June 29, 2014
: Readers in Huntington, Long Island enjoyed a panel discussion and Q&A about behind-the-scenes historical fiction writing with the authors of GRAND CENTRAL at independent bookstore Book Revue. Jenna will be touring with GRAND CENTRAL in Atlanta and Minnesota this summer and Boston and New York this fall, so please check the Events calendar!

L-R: Jenna Blum, Alyson Richman, Kristina McMorris, reader Mindy Erlich, Sarah McCoy, Karen White.
L-R: Jenna Blum, Alyson Richman, Kristina McMorris, reader Mindy Erlich (standing), Sarah McCoy, Karen White.

June 28, 2014
: GRAND CENTRAL has launched! Huge thanks to the multitude of readers who came to Posmans Bookshop in Grand Central Terminal, NYC, to help the GRAND CENTRAL Girls celebrate their new anthology–in their Victory Curls.

L-R: Pam Jenoff, Alyson Richman, Jenna Blum, Sarah McCoy, Erika Robuck, Kristina McMorris, Karen White.
L-R: Pam Jenoff, Alyson Richman, Jenna Blum, Sarah McCoy, Erika Robuck, Kristina McMorris, Karen White.

June 2014
: Sneak-preview copies of GRAND CENTRAL, the post-WW2 anthology in which Jenna’s new novella, “the lucky one,” appears, are available NOW as part of a Goodreads giveaway! To enter and win, please click here….and good luck!

new GC cover October 2013

April 2014: Jenna was beyond honored to spend an evening with three of her literary idols at the Newburyport Literary Festival! Moderated by Lucy Kaylin, editor of O Magazine, the discussion about Oprah’s influence on career writers featured (L to R) Richard Russo, Jenna, Wally Lamb, and Andre Dubus III.

My Night With the Dream Team

 2014: Good news, Dutch readers! Wonder-publisher de Boekerij will publish Jenna and Sarah McCoy‘s novellas from anthology GRAND CENTRAL in a special Dutch edition,  HET AFSCHEID. Look for HET AFSCHEID in bookstores in Holland September 2014! Joopie!


March 2014:  Have you ever wondered what goes into writing a book? Do you want to write fiction yourself? “The Author At Work,” Jenna’s audio course for the Modern Scholar Series, gives a behind-the-curtain look at the writer’s creative life and is available NOW! For more information/ to purchase, please click here.

Modern Scholar The Author At Work cover

March 2014: It’s official! Launch of GRAND CENTRAL: Original Stories of Postwar Love and Reunion, will be at Posmans Bookstore in NYC’s iconic Grand Central Terminal, Saturday, 6/28, 12 – 2 P.M. Please join Jenna and her co-authors as they celebrate their new anthology!
new GC cover October 2013

February 2014: Jenna’s story about how THOSE WHO SAVE US made it onto the New York Times bestseller list appears in EVERYDAY BOOK MARKETING, by author and educator Midge Raymond. Check out the Q&A between Jenna & Midge here!

January 2014: GRAND CENTRAL now has a Facebook page! To get all official postings about–and behind-the-scenes action from–this anthology of original stories of postwar love and reunion, in which Jenna’s new novella “the lucky one” appears, please visit this link. See you on Facebook!
new GC cover October 2013

January 2014: EXCITING NEWS! The launch date for WW2 anthology GRAND CENTRAL, in which Jenna’s new novella “the lucky one” appears, is the WEEKEND OF JUNE 27-29, 2014, in New York City. Please stay tuned for specific events!


January 2014: Terrific news for German readers! Almost 10 years after the initial publication of THOSE WHO SAVE US in the U.S., Jenna just signed the contract for the German edition. Stay tuned to hear when THOSE WHO SAVE US will be available from publisher Aufbau Verlag!

German TWSU contract

November 2013: Jenna’s newest work, a novella called “the lucky one,” will be published by Penguin/Berkeley in JULY, 2014 in WW2 anthology GRAND CENTRAL. Please stay tuned for Jenna’s readings and appearances!
new GC cover October 2013









October 2013: THE STORMCHASERS receives a rave review in The Boston Globe. Read the review here!

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